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Retreat with Ayahuasca, Rapé and Kambó

Our most comprehensive retreat.

We offer an Ayahuasca retreat where we include Rapé and Kambo at no additional cost, both medicines that we believe greatly aid in the inner journey.

With us, you will not only live a much more comprehensive experience, but with our small groups, you'll also receive much more individualized and personalized attention and care.

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DALL·E 2023-04-01 13.52.45 - visionary art ayahuasca ceremony.png

Our Tools

In our self-discovery retreats, we use powerful Amazonian medicines such as ayahuasca, kambo, and rapé, as well as ongoing psychotherapeutic integration of each of the lived experiences that doesn't end with the retreat.

We also include two shamanic workshops to connect with and experience firsthand our power animal and spiritual guide.

Individual retreat prices with master plants

  • One day retreat:€220 

  • Two day retreat:€430

  • Three day retreat:€590

  • Days of silence and meditation.€65 day

To make a reservation, 50% of the retreat price will be paid upfront, and the remaining 50% will be paid upon the completion of the retreat.

(Reservation will be forfeited if canceled with less than 4 days' notice, although the amount can be applied to another retreat within a month.)

In the event of leaving the retreat before the contracted period is over, the full amount will be charged. There is an option to complete it within the two months following the end of the retreat.

For health and safety

  • Be over 18 years old.

  • Never had a stroke.

  • Do not have significant heart, liver, or kidney problems.

  • Do not have major mental health issues such as personality disorders or schizophrenia, nor have been taking mental health medications for at least 15 days prior.

Prices per person. 10% discounts for unemployed individuals, healthcare personnel, retirees, and couples.
Papel viejo

How is a retreat with us?

Describing a retreat isn't an easy task; each one is unique and unrepeatable...

Over two or three days, a space is created where time slows down and loses its significance. An ageless environment of absolute freedom is born, where you can deeply feel and listen to yourself.

The various shamanic medicines we use accompany us with their power, strength, and wisdom. Alongside them, you'll find supportive companions in your experience – people who can listen and assist you responsibly, with experience and an open heart. It's an enthralling journey to encounter our most unfamiliar inner selves.

On this path into mystery, we may encounter, listen to, and heal old wounds that have conditioned our lives for too long. It might finally be the time to face them and leave them behind. We might break our masks, nurtured since childhood, and engage in magical, illuminating, and challenging dialogues with our Inner Teacher – our most authentic and pure self. We might receive answers to questions we've always asked.

We might remember who we truly are, letting out our strength and unconditional love, experiencing the joy of realizing our immense potential. We might embark on a life with a completely renewed and hopeful perspective on ourselves. You might personally undergo a transformative spiritual experience that shakes your foundations, revealing an endless, boundless new world where time and space lose their meaning, and the ego falls away. Doubts about transcendence after death might vanish as the fear of death dissipates, knowing deep within you that it's merely the end of one path, a return home to the most authentic dwelling.

In essence, this retreat is a life-altering experience that has the potential to radically shift your perspective on yourself and everything around you.

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