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More about Ayahasca Madrid

Our Origins

We established Ayahuasca Madrid with the idea that our visitors can embark on a journey from the external world to their inner nature. We are confident that with us, you will live such an enriching experience that you will take memories that will last a lifetime and will change the concept of routine into days full of magic.

Why choose us?

Currently, there are many centers that offer retreats focused on the use of power plants, whether it's Ayahuasca or similar substances.

In our case, we provide a very different experience because we're not interested in filling our center with as many people as possible: we seek small groups (max 6 people) to make the experience as personalized as can be. With this approach, due to the small number of individuals, we can offer much more personalized and integrative support during and after the experience.
Furthermore, our retreats are designed in a way that we provide a combination of spiritual medicines that are offered separately in other places.

What are you going to find here?

First and foremost, you're going to encounter a friendly and hospitable environment. The idea is for you to feel as comfortable as possible within the context of such an intense retreat, so you can focus on what you've come to seek.

Our team is comprised of experienced facilitators with many years of study related to the experience you're about to undergo.

We don't intend to make anyone believe something we're not; you won't find false pretensions or mystical gurus here who will magically solve all your problems.

However, we do aim for what you'll find here to be exactly what you need to find.

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Where are we


Calle Costa de Madrid
28680 San Martin De Valdeiglesias,

Madrid, España



English & Spanish

‭+34 659 398 734

+34 611 25 51 95

Where are we

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