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You have the starring role.

At Ayahuasca Madrid, we are fully convinced of the absolute need to provide close and personalized attention and care. That's why we only organize retreats with a maximum of six people.
Our retreats, distinct from the large groups usually offered, allow us to create a small and intimate space for mindful attention. We offer a setting where expression and listening are guaranteed, without rush or waiting, with the ability to adapt to the vital needs of each participant at all times, all within a beautiful, comfortable space surrounded by nature.

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  • Maximum 6 people per retreat.

  • Psychological guide before, during and after the retreat.

  • Comprehensive support.

  • Shamanic workshops

  • We include additional medicines in the price.

Documentos antiguos transparente

Retreat with Ayahuasca, Kambó and Rapé

Small groups
Psychological integration

Our Main Retreat

We offer you two days of personal retreat and self-exploration in a completely safe environment, with the absolute assurance that in each retreat, you will experience what you need to experience in that moment.


  • One day retreat: €220 

  • Two-day retreat: €430

  • Three-day retreat: €590

  • Extra days of silence and meditation: €65 / day

Documentos antiguos transparente

Ancestral Amazonian therapy

We offer individual Kambo sessions for those who are familiar with the purifying and detoxifying experience provided by this medicine.

The dose needed for each person is always taken into account at every moment.


  • One session: €120 

  • Two sessions: €199

  • Three sessions: €260 (natural vaccine)


Kambo session

Physical, mental and spiritual cleansing

Documentos antiguos transparente

Individual or couple retreat

Absolutely personalized treatment

For those who need to dedicate themselves

If you need more personalized attention or if you are willing to completely open up and discover the deepest aspects you hold within yourself, we offer personalized retreats for individuals or couples, working with the most suitable tools. Ask us for more details.


  • One day retreat: €300 

  • Two-day retreat: €530

  • Three-day retreat: €699

  • Days of silence and meditation. €65 day

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